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Steps to Success

What you need to know to successfully navigate a recruitment event.

We search the U.K. to find the best recruitment events / job fairs to attend. What you find on our website is what we recommend you attend to find a job and speak with employers face-to-face.

1. Find your recruitment event

Using our Recruitment Event Calendar, you can search for and find the closest Recruitment Event to you!

2. Need more information?

By clicking the “more info” tab on the Events Calendar you can connect with your local Recruitment Event on social media. This is a great way to stay up to date with the latest news and information!

3. Find out who is attending

Now you’re connected with your local Recruitment Event organiser ask them what companies will be recruiting on the day or ask if there is an exhibitor list available.

4. Update your CV/Resume

Once you know who will be attending the Recruitment Event it’s time to update/tailor your CV accordingly.

5. Dress for Success

While there is generally no formal dress code for attending a Recruitment Event, remember this is still the first-time prospective employers will be meeting you. You want to make a good, lasting first impression! Smart shoes and a nice button-down shirt will help make a big difference.

6. Bring copies of your CV/Resume

At most Recruitment Events you can expect anywhere from 20 - 50 companies on the day. Make sure to come prepared with plenty of copies of your CV/Resume.

7. Speak with all the companies

It’s a good idea to speak with all the companies who are at the Recruitment Event. Find out what they are recruiting for, discuss your skills, experience, what roles you’re looking for and how you can help their company. Also, now is the perfect time to get their business card/contact details!

8. After the recruitment event

Remember those business cards you collected at the Recruitment Event? A day or two later send them a courteous email. Thank them for speaking with you, let them know you are interested in the specific role they have on offer and that you look forward to hearing from them soon. A follow up email goes a long way and could swing the odds in your favour!

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