Looking to Recruit?

Steps to Success

What you need to know to get the most out of a recruitment event.

Find your recruitment event

Using our Recruitment Event Calendar, you can search for and find the closest Recruitment Event to you. You can then click “more info” to connect with the Recruitment Event organiser on social media to find out how you can attend the Recruitment Event.

Hundreds of jobseekers
Cut down the recruitment process

How many staff members?

It is a good idea to bring 2 - 3 staff members with you on the day of the Recruitment Event. There will be a large number of candidates arriving on the day. So, by having extra staff you will be able to speak with more candidates and be more efficient.

Engage with all the candidates

Candidates come from all over the local area to speak with prospective employers attending the Recruitment Event. If you are able, stand up, make eye contact and speak with them about your company, what roles you have available and why they should come work for you.

Network with other local employers / organisations
Cost effective

What should I bring with me?

Generally speaking you will want to bring with you

  • Plenty of application forms/job adverts
  • 2x Company branded pop up banners
  • 2 - 3 members of staff
  • A tin of sweets
  • Information about your company

While usually provided it is a good idea to ask whether you need to bring any tablecloths ect with you on the day.

Collect CV’s/Resumes

Attending a Recruitment Event is a great way to collect hundreds of CV’s from potential candidates all in one day!

Brand Awareness
Face-to-Face interaction

Schedule interviews on the day

Found the perfect candidate at the Recruitment Event? Great! You can schedule an Interview with them on the day. Some employers have even conducted interviews at the Recruitment Event.

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